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Vermont Birth Network

This site was created for the Vermont Birth Network that is lovingly managed by two volunteer mamas, Linda Pruitt and Laura Peer. They asked for soft colors, rounded shapes and a professional look to house any/all information related to birthing in Vermont. They really love the look of their website and that makes me very happy.

The home page highlights a person or organization that VBN wishes to spotlight. The sub-pages needed to house a lot of information and yet still have the rounded qualities of the home page. So this is what a sample of these pages look like. You can click on any thumbnail to see a larger version of it.

SPUSA Elections 2008 website

This site was created for SPUSA: Student Pugwash USA. They created a website to help young voters get info on the candidates for the 2008 Election. We created a template that is married to their regular site that utilizes several pull down options for clicking around. If you look at the template we made, you'll see in the top red portion of the page that there is a little animation happening. SPUSA calls this "From Electrons to Elections" and I noted that there is just one letter that is different between "electrons" and "elections" so we made a little fading animation to illustrate this. You can see pictures below here that illustrate this. We also made the little electrons spin around the logo as we did for SVE Electronics...

fading out here.

and this is how it looks when the VOTE button comes up and it fades to say "to Elections"

EarthWalk Vermont website

This site was created for EarthWalk Village School in Plainfield, VT. Earth tones were used and photos were duotoned for a timeless look. Lots of photos and illustrations are throughout this site and I'm sure will be added as the years go on.

The image above is the splash page and this is the basic look for the template pages.

Silicon Valley Electronics

This site was created for a young company located in Silicon Valley called Silicon Valley Electronics which sells small solar cells, security cameras, iPod and bluetooth accessories as well as CompuPro products. The colors that were chosen were to capture the RGB mode of many displays (Red, Green Blue). The owner of the company had me create the logo to look like electrons running through it so we made a little animation to suggest that movement.

Chojung Dorje Ling website

This was a design that we came up with for Chojung Dorje Ling's website. It was a very well thought out design which used symbols everywhere: in the color choices, the illustration itself and the logo. CDL has yet to use this option for their website.

Belts By Design

This site was created for a bright and exuberant woman who designs grosgrain ribbon belts. This site uses a shopping cart system which is part of Yahoo's Small Business Solutions. Sara, the owner/creator of this belts business knew exactly the colors and style of the classy look she was looking for for her site. She wanted it simple, clean and easy to use. An update: Sara died in November 2007. I thoroughly loved meeting and working for this woman. She became a person that I became friendly with and saw once a year. I had wished to only know her more and become better friends. I will miss her notes and emails and phone calls, her incredible feistiness and directness.

Delano Designs

This site was created for a multi-talented woman who hand-makes and hand-crafts decorative lamp shades as well as granite etching designs. The logo was created for Beth at Delano Designs as well as business cards, postcards and letterhead. This web site has a custom ordering form which, when the user submits it, goes directly to Beth to process.

Mini Curie Exhibit
We created this site to be suitable for a young audience (age 10-13). There is a main curie site on the AIP web site which this site is to be married to. It will eventually get links between the two site, say if the person on this mini curie exhibit wants to find out more information...

Moments of DiscoveryMoments of Discovery web exhibit
We created this site to replicate a teachers guide and script of the Discovery of Fission and A Pulsar Discovery as told by the scientists themselves. There are 4 parts to this web site including .mp3 files of the narration, image files, text and downloadable versions of the teacher's guides.

Discovery of Fission detailA Pulsar Discovery detail

Purdy Electronics
Purdy Electronics homepage
A web site for Purdy Electronics Corporation was designed/developed by me with the help of a vendor for Cold Fusion programming...

Selected Papers of Great American Physicists
Great American Physicists web exhibit
We created a site to replicate a book of the same name. Lots of image files with a choice to download each page/chapter on your own. Key purpose was to make it look & "read" like the book.

Question List & Permission Form
click here and then go to the 'question list' and 'permission form'

Text Version of Exhibit
click here and go to the 'Text version'

click here and scroll down to:
AIP Study of Multi-Institutional Collaborations. Phase III... (report 1 and 2).

Paintings web pages we created a simple little web site to display some paintings and stuff...

Our Own Web site
imaginecreativity.com website

of course, we created imaginecreativity.com as well...

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