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An illustration I made for as a landing page for CDL, (Chojung Dorje Ling)

An illustration I did for the American Institute of Physics. When I find the link to what it was used for, I'll include it here.

An illustration I made for fun. In college I made a ceramic totem pole and this is a representation of one of the pieces of that totem pole

An illustration I put together for a fundraising flyer. The two characters are developed from clip art so it's not totally original. In the original, his hair was not yellow, pants not blue, he wasn't wearing a striped shirt and he wasn't holding anything. The colors & layout were all created by me.

An illustration I created/devloped for a local theater group in DC. This was used for posters, playbills, CD-Rom jewel cases and T-shirts. This character was developed from clip art but it was a girl in a dress not holding anything, not wearing these kinds of shoes and not wearing a hat.

An illustration for a fundraising invitation. Again, this was modified from an existing image. All the colors changed.

A whimsical thank you card for birthdays and things.

A fun characature of a CPA for corporate identity.

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