Born in a sleepy, little town off the coast of France, Linda Kathryn grew to love and have a talent for art. OK, OK, I'm lying; I'm a Jersey girl - full of pride and misery for my birthplace. And yes, at one time I even sported some pretty big hair. But now I'm in California, doin' the Californian thing, whatever that is - it seems to involve more to do with microchips and less to do with surfin' and sun... As Flava Fav say, "Don't believe the hype!"


Anyway, I guess you might be wondering about the art stuff so here goes: I like art - I have always liked art, except when I was in kindergarten and my teacher made me go back to my seat to "fill in the gaps" to my crayon drawing. I suppose she was more into Rothko's color block theory than I was. So I took art in college. I wasn't going to because I always thought my brother, Chris, was the real artist in the family and well then there is also my brother Michael, the architect. But my teacher told me I had some talent so I dropped my Humanities and English major and switched to Fine Art and Art History (and did VERY well, thank you very much!) I showed my stuff in a store here and a gallery there and have a painting on permanent display in the library of my school, as part of the Printmaking Council of New Jersey.


I'm now trying to spread my wings here - I'm getting to do some demos and keep your fingers crossed for my silks. I love doing silk painting; the colors are even more vivid than watercolors.


So check out the site and bookmark it because there will surely be updates. Also, don't leave the sight without looking at my best creation yet (well, mine and my honey's best creation) our son, Sammy.